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Eildon Ride 5 November

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 07/11/2023 - 5:36pm

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The weather forecast was pretty much perfect and over two dozen of us decided to get out and enjoy the ride. 
We assembled at Lilydale, and there was a great range of both people and bikes.  Gavin (a friend of Brian’s joined us on a bright yellow Suzuki, first timer Dave on a white Yamaha and Paul came over from Whittlesea on his Kawasaki. 
At one stage we had 4 different Suzukis (Steve’s, Vince’s, Gavin's and Les’) lined up and what a contrast they were!  
Ralf joined us on his scooter again and Dave was giving his Buel
a run while the Rocket awaits a new tyre.   Andrew and Gary’s RSs
also looked resplendent parked beside each other and of course we had lots more BMWs.
 Many arrived early and we had leisurely chats and enjoyed the camaraderie before setting off with our president Brian doing TEC duty.
We left the highway after about 100 metres, passed the theatre and museum and used back roads out of Lilydale and on past the airfield before stopping to regroup at the back of Yarra Glen.
Then it was backroads (with lovely views) to St Andrews and more backroads to Nutfield and on past Arthurs Creek.   A very busy Whittlesea Show crowd slowed our planned run through town but as we were on bikes it wasn’t too bad.
We took a cuppa break at Toorourrong Reservoir Park
which is a nice little park and provides views up to the Wallaby Creek Water catchment which still shows sombre reminders of the Black Saturday fires.  Then it was a lovely smooth ride up the sweeping bends (restricted to 80 KPH) to Kinglake West and on past Yea to Molesworth where we met up with Pat. 
We rode on to Alexandra where a fuel stop had to occur and then on over Skyline Road into Eildon where we stopped for lunch. 
That was about 190 km of riding, and I will simply say many thanks to all who came along and enhanced the camaraderie.
About eight of us then rode bac to Healesville via the Black Spur.  We had a very good run as far as Narbethong, and despite a bit more traffic than I would have hoped it all flowed pretty smoothly at a reasonable pace all the way back into Healesville.
C (Camaraderie)
H (Hospitality)
E (Enjoyment)
R (Rallying together)
S (supporting each other)    
John Cook
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