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Greg G's Lilydale to Mansfield 12 5 19

Submitted by Sailbad The Sin... on Mon, 13/05/2019 - 11:39am

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The ride report follows:

Ulysses Melbourne Branch
Ride Report – Greg G’s Lilydale to Mansfield 12 5 19
Colin Voss (Tail End Charlie) – a very nice new BMW R1250GS Adventure
Seamus Haighney – Ducati Monster
Peter Gleason – Suzuki GSX-S 1000F
Tez Haighney – a very nice new BMW R9T Pure
Les Cox – Yamaha FJR 1300
Steve Bailes – Honda Goldwing
Dennis Alessi – on Tez’s Moto Guzzi
The Hon Vince Green (Ulysses Member for Mernda) – Suzuki V Strom
Andrew Kennedy – Yamaha Tracer GT
Jack Fei – BMW R1200GS Adventure
Samuel Sun – BMW R1200 GS
Greg Gleason (ride leader) – BMW K1300 S Motorsport
The Ride:
With Pat Ryan swanning around Europe yet again, it fell to Greg Gleason to lead his signature ride.  Pat is a semi local in the Jamieson area and knows the roads well, so Greg had it easy in picking up his GPX file, literally getting a “free ride” – on his birthday, no less.  Happy birthday Greg.

In pre ride discussions, 2 new bikes were welcomed – both BMW boxers, but of very different configurations – congratulations to Colin Voss and Tez Haighney.

12 riders left Lilydale heading for Mansfield via the Black Spur and the Eildon Jamieson Road.  The weather was cool but dry for the most part and the traffic was reasonably friendly to Yarra Glen and beyond.  Through the back of Healesville and off to the Spur – it was a trouble and car free run to about half way through the Spur, when we caught up to some cars and progress was slowed slightly.  It was raining lightly from there across the Spur and it was slightly slippery in places, so the cars were not as much of a hinderance as they might normally be.

The weather cleared and we headed up to Taggerty and across to Eildon.  Passing the Cathedral Ranges is always inspirational – the views were as good as my heated grips!!  The run into Eildon brought us to the bakery (which was closed) but the café 3 doors down was a welcome caffeine supplier.  Vince had left us earlier, and Samuel, Jack and Andrew left us at Eildon.

The next section was the Eildon Jamieson Road, a 62km stretch which includes two stints, each of around 28km of relentless tight corners, most of them without speed advisory signage!!  It was a spirited (rather than foolhardy) pace up front, but Greg and Seamus both found a little gravel to fire up the adrenaline!!  There were some slippery corners, mainly with damp rotting bark on the surface, plus a lump of wood in one corner that looked scarily big as I swept past it, but everyone enjoyed a safe run.

Good things come to an end, in this case the lookout only a few km out of Jamieson!!  A few pics and we headed for a welcome lunch at Mansfield, the location for our upcoming Odyssey (Oct 18 – 20, 2019).  After lunch, we wandered home in our various directions.  Greg and Peter had intended to take the Whanveregan Road to get back to re-cross the Black Spur, but it was Greg’s birthday, the boys were expected home for a combined “2 birthdays and Mothers’ Day” evening meal, so the convenience of the Dixon’s Creek run was a necessary evil.

On reflection, what better way and place to celebrate your birthday – let’s make it an annual event!!
Thanks to Colin Voss on his new bike who did TEC duties.  Next week’s ride is a corker from Roger Foot (and sadly I have a christening to attend instead)!!
Greg G


He's still got the Guzzi......  You're safe!!



Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)