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Kalkalo To Yarck Ride, 20/08/2023.

Submitted by ANDREW.KENNEDY on Sun, 20/08/2023 - 5:16pm

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        Eight riders fronted up for our ride. Steve Bailes rode out to say hello to us all before heading home for a social day. He did inform us that a new occupant is coming to his house and one is departing. A 1050 V-Strom may be soon seen. This left seven for our ride on what promised to pleasant weather on clean roads. This was most welcome as I'm sure some of us put in a couple of ours cleaning up from the Sth Gippsland roads last week.
        Kalkalo to Wallen, left to Romsay, right to Lancefield and straight through to Tooburac. Tooburac to Seymour and time to stop at McDonalds for morning tea. Plenty of sunshine was about and the temperature was raising nicely. Opposite Maccs is an ex-Army  Leopard tank on display which proved a photo op. Leaving Seymour we took the Old Hume Hwy to Avenal and Longwood, then turning right, crossing the freeway and back onto good twisty roads to Yarck for lunch. Steaks at the hotel were popular. Good service, nice surroundings and a log fire. What more do you need? Back to Melbourne was done by Yea, Break O Day, Glenburne, Yarra Glen, Melbourne. Too easy. Thanks to attending riders. Thanks to the weather man.
           A thought. Our current Kalkalo starting point has a disadvantage. On arriving you must turn right across a busy hwy. On departing many times you will be wanting to turn right across a busy hwy. Admittedly you can go left and make the loop around. Would we be better off changing the start point to the large Shell Station on the other side of the hwy which has better facilities as well?


The Bunker Hill Servo (Shell) was our start point many years ago and we had to change when it was closed for renos and freeway upgrade. 
We tried going back but the problem is you can only access it by coming north on the freeway and the only exit is north on the freeway.
There is no legal access from the Bunker Hill servo to Donnybrook Road,  That's why we stayed where we are.  
It is not ideal, but at this stage I believe Bunker Hill is not the answer