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Ride Report - Kalkallo, not to Clunes (21st May 2023)

Submitted by MikeF on Sun, 21/05/2023 - 6:40pm

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The weather during breakfast was just plain horrible - grey, drizzly and wet ! But the rain radar suggested the drizzle was heading north-east while the ride was going north-west. So I rode off to Kalkallo expecting to only see one or two others turn up, to be met by three riders already waiting ! In the end 11 of us left Kalkallo (once Jack had arrived) and went up to Wallan and across to Woodend, with the temperature staying in the 9-10 deg range. So the Ride Leader pulled up short at Woodend for morning coffee, on account of only just being warm enough (unlike Jeff who had the vest plugged in and was nice and toasty). 

We then rode through Daylesford and Blampied (still about 10 deg) and again pulled up short in Creswick (which several members had not stopped at before). Ride Leader had spotted a local cafe advertising local pies (only one left, plus two sausage rolls !), which was warm and inviting. Plus with the added benefit of a big table, we all sat around and enjoyed a good social chat over lunch.
Nick went on to Ballarat at this time (the real reason he would come out for a ride in such conditions).

Most of us headed south from Creswick in sunshine by then, and took some backroads to Ballan. We shed various riders on the way. Only one quick u-turn was involved, before the short stop and hitting the freeway into Melbourne. As usual, the last 60kms home took about an hour to negotiate ! 

So what looked to be an unappealing ride turned out to be a very enjoyable day out. Thanks to all who showed up !