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Safety and Courtesy on Rides

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 13/02/2023 - 3:18pm

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These are my personal comments.

  • When we take part in branch rides we are all individually responsible for our own behaviour and observance of road laws as they take place on public roads.
  • I believe most of us ride for the challenge, enjoyment and experience  - not simply for transport.  I don’t believe we should ride in any strict formation or protocol, but I do believe we should do our best to keep all of us safe.    
  • I will say that over the years, I have seen some participants do things that are clearly dangerous, discourteous to fellow members and simply illegal.
  • I contend the biggest issue is inappropriate, illegal and unsafe overtaking as this causes angst between members and has serious safety implications. 
  • I fail to see why people overtake anyone who is simply following 3 seconds behind the ride leader.  That person is probably thinking about marking the next corner safely and not in the least expecting to get “buzzed” for no real reason at all.  Same goes for the person 3 seconds behind that rider.  It is potentially dangerous, quite aggravating and I believe it dissuades some people from coming back.
  • Please think very carefully about the way you overtake generally.  If a person is that bit slower than you’d like around a few bends, that rider is probably concentrating on getting around safely and that is not the time to overtake. 
  • By all means overtake as a group spreads out, but do you really need to overtake if the ride leader is clearly visible? 
  • Please stay safe and consider others.   

  I hope these comments are accepted in the spirit I'm trying to give them