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Ride Report, Ardeer to Gisborne

Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Sun, 28/05/2023 - 4:32pm

I take as my text for today the immortal words of our beloved dear departed brother Chuck Berry:  "C'est la vie, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell."   
Steve, Big Dave and I touched down in Ardeer in the middle of the pouring rain, and after discussing options for the ride decided to play it by ear.

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Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Mon, 20/03/2023 - 9:16am

I am disposing of almost 50 Australian and English motorcycle magazines from 2010 onwards: Bike, Classic Motorcycle, Motorcycle Trader etc etc. If anyone is laid up and needs browsing material, or knows of an old folks home for retired riders which could make use of them, or just wants to read about a wealth of bikes old and new, please let me know. I'm happy to deliver within reason. Roger Foot, 0409231676.

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Kalkallo to Malmsbury

Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Sun, 28/08/2022 - 8:34pm

This ride started life as Greg Gleason's Kalkallo to Kyneton, but ended as my Kalkallo to Malmsbury, and we started with 14 bikes and ended with 12!
We were joined by Anthony and Graham who usually ride with Whittlesea branch, and Nick who volunteered for TEC duties. Other riders were Vince Green, Big Dave, Steve Bailes, John Markham, Terry, Seamus and Denis, Stewart Tepe, Gaz and Rob. 
The weather was fine but with threatening clouds in the distance as we headed up Donnybrook Rd and the Wandong Rd to Eden Park.

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