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Branch Event Cancellations and Plans due to That Damn Virus

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Branch Event Cancellations and Plans due to That Damn Virus

Sadly, the committee had no choice but to cancel this year’s Odyssey in view of current restrictions.  We had held on, in hope, for as long as we could.   We also discussed deferring until later in the year, but the lack of certainty just made that impractical. 
We are already planning to hold the 22nd Odyssey on 14 – 16 October 2022 at Mansfield.  Details to be confirmed and will be published in due course.  Please keep the date in your diary.
Direct contact will be made with all people who have registered.
We are hoping to hold social nights at the Mulgrave Country Club in both November and December (Christmas Function) and they will be conducted subject to government and venue protocols.   Details will be published on the branch website and Face Book Page.
The committee has been actively discussing rides and events, but all plans are subject to directives.  Rest assured, we will schedule rides to fit in with directives as soon as we can – both Sundays and midweek.   Don’t be surprised if some small “bespoke” midweek rides occur as soon as directives permit.  There may well be geographic and group size limitations and we’ll let people know and act as soon as we can.
We are also looking at some “overnight” rides events in January / February and looking at some new (to us) venues / locales.  Details will be posted       
We will also reach out and contact people by email and phone to include everyone.
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