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News from Nat Com re Constitution Review

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News from Nat Com re Constitution Review

Received this information today via the "Intercom"   If you're not receiving these things  it probably means that the National Admin Office don't have your current email address or your membership may have lapsed.  Check your membership card  

 Ulysses Club Constitution Review

Have you heard? Ulysses Club members will be asked to accept a ‘new’ constitution via a Special Resolution at the Annual General Meeting in Lismore on 6th May.
Just one more reason to be at the National Rally!

Why Change our Constitution???
Our National Committee committed to review the Club’s 2022 Constitution.   A Constitutional Review Team (CRT) sub-committee was formed to ensure that the constitution maintained its practical relevance, legal compliance and accurately reflected the ethos, culture and character of our Ulysses Club.

During this CRT’s review process, the Registrar for Incorporated Associations, in September, 2022 released completely NEW Model Rules under the relevant Act. 
These Model Rules set out (i.e. dictate) the structure and content required in a Constitution.  Clubs like ours that already have a constitution now have choices. 

They can:
(1) adopt the Model Rules in total (i.e. replacing their existing Constitution)
(2) continue to use their existing Constitution and disregard the Model Rules
(3) reformat and amend their existing Constitution to comply with the Model Rules.

Importantly, if our Constitution does not comply with the Model Rules, the Model Rules will prevail for any discrepancies which may (i.e. is likely to) result in an unwanted outcome for the Club.  
Please note though that we don’t really have a choice but to comply with the Model Rules or we will stand to lose significant and valuable features of our Constitution.
This is why our best option is Option 3. 

Accordingly, the CRT reformatted the existing Constitution into a new Ulysses Club Constitution (2023) which complies with these Model Rules.   It will soon be presented to the National Committee for their acceptance .  Once accepted, it can proceed to a Special Resolution for members to ratify.  

The publication of the proposed ‘new’ Constitution will be made available via e-newsletter and placed on the News page of the Ulysses Club website.
The timing will provide all members with ample time to review the changes proposed prior to the 2023 AGM. 

Why we have a constitution – some history
Our first Constitution was drafted at that very first meeting of the 5 founding members on 6th December 1983 at the Elizabeth Hotel, Sydney. 

The Ulysses Club Inc was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of 1984, and our date of incorporation is 21 July 1988. Of course, there have been updates to the Associations Incorporation Act of 1984 and to our constitution since then.

An incorporated association has its own legal identity separate from its members, providing protection to members in legal transactions.
While there are benefits to be gained from incorporation, there are also obligations. These include annual reporting obligations, maintaining minutes, proper financial and membership records and registers.

Every incorporated association must have a constitution. The constitution of an incorporated association is a contract between the association and its members, who agree to adhere to the provisions outlined in the constitution.

If you’d like to know more, this website has relevant information:

Questions and comments should be directed to the National Secretary