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Posting Videos on the Website and Procedure

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Posting Videos on the Website and Procedure

The issue was raised today and sadly my memory was poor at the time  blush
Put simply, members cannot directly load videos onto the website but it is simple to post a link to a video posted on You Tube into ether a blog or forum post.
We had been doing it(posting videos a lot but it seems we've all forgotten! 
I will try now and post a video I did quite a few years ago while riding a bike (my cousin's) in NL.  Kris took the video using a hand held camera!     
Apologies for the length and lack of editing and noise etc.  As I was riding on the right side of the road, it may be of interest
Here I am trying:  
Well. I think I've established it definitely works.  I hope that helps.  
1. Load to YouTube.
2. Copy the link -available in bar above while creating either a forum post or "blog" enlightened