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Riding On Editorial Spring 2023

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Riding On Editorial Spring 2023

"The 6th December 2023 will be the 40th Anniversary of the Ulysses Club Inc.

You could say that the Club could join itself as a junior member...

It is hoped that all Branches will have some sort of celebration, and, where possible join together and increase the commemoration.

I reflect on my 27 years as a member and much has changed. Like many who’ve been in the Club as long (and longer) as myself, when I joined, all the main Founders were still alive and eager riders.  Stephen, Jack and Bill were sought after at AGMs and had to endure endless handshakes, photos and countless questions (they enjoyed it though).
My friend and mentor, John Miller #248, who Edited this fine tome for 20 years, has recently lost his motorcycle license due to a mini stroke and is now also forced to do a yearly driver test.
My other compatriot, J. Peter ‘The Bear’ Thoeming #675 (designer of the Old Man logo), defies his years and continues to ride, write and drink (not necessarily in that order) plus will probably do so till he falls off his perch!
When I first joined, the financial membership wasn’t that different than it is today, however, we as a Club have aged and where the average age in 1996 might have been 46, now it’s probably closer to 66. Around 2010 the membership was just shy of 30,000 but it’s unlikely we can reach those lofty heights ever again.
I will say that, during my time in the Ulysses Club, I have met some wonderful people and many have become close friends.   There has been joy and tragedy throughout the mix, but, I’d change nothing. This Club has been a major part of my life, whether motorcycles (preferred though) were involved or not.
Happy Anniversary Ulysses Club, and thank you.
Ian Parks
#11735 DM39"

Lets appreciate the occasion and make sure we celebrate the Club's 40th in the lead up to Christmas enlightened  
On that positive note, let's not forget that Melbourne Branch celebrates 40 years next year.  We hope to celebrate around May.  Details to come